Our quality bears many names

Chocolats Halba manufactures over half of its products for the Coop Cooperative and also produces goods for numerous other retail brands and for industry. Despite the strong Swiss franc, we are increasingly successful at exporting abroad.

Chocolats Halba belongs to the Coop Cooperative. Accounting for around 56 percent of our sales, Coop is also our best customer and is part of our retail customer segment, for which we predominantly develop and manufacture chocolate products for retail brands (private labels).

At 73 percent, the retail segment is the largest contributor to Chocolats Halba’s overall sales. In addition, the company manufactures semi-finished and finished products for industry and contract manufacturing for well-known brands. Our “Schoggihüsli” factory shops, which sell broken and surplus stock, also contribute to sales.

Since 2007, Chocolats Halba has been pursuing a successful export strategy in addition to its Swiss sales. In international markets, we have recorded growing sales figures over recent years. We now supply chocolate products to 18 different countries.

Market trends

The current trends in the chocolate market are as diverse as the countries to which Chocolats Halba supplies its products. Each market has its own tastes, formats and preferences – and Chocolats Halba is an innovative partner that helps its customers find the recipes that are right for them. There is however one common feature: in recent years, the trend has been for dark chocolate with a high cocoa content from selected cocoagrowing regions.

It’s not just the geographical origin of the cocoa beans that is an important factor for increasing numbers of people when they buy chocolate, but also the conditions under which the ingredients were produced. Products that bear at least one sustainability label are accounting for an ever larger proportion of Chocolats Halba’s total sales each year.

“Keeping track of the diverse trends in the up-and-coming Asian markets and actually putting them into practice is a very exciting challenge for me. What I enjoy most is seeing the satisfaction of our customers when our new product concepts and imaginative recipe creations exactly suit their taste.”

Mirjam Weber, Head of Sales, Asia & Australia