More sustainability on the shelves

Promoting the sale of sustainable products is part of our sustainability strategy. In recent years, we have steadily increased the proportion of products that bear at least one sustainability label. In 2016, Chocolats Halba generated around three-quarters of its total sales with such products. Sustainable products and services – promoting the sale.

Sustainable products and services – promoting the sale of sustainable products – is a key part of Chocolats Halba’s sustainability strategy. We make use of a wide range of socially and environmentally high-profile labels, such as Fairtrade, UTZ, Organic and Carbon-Neutral Product.

Sales of products bearing sustainability labels

In recent years, we have been extremely successful in increasing the pro- portion of products that bear at least one such label. In 2016, Chocolats Halba generated around CHF 88 million from labeled products – equating to approximately 75 percent of total sales. Detailed information on the labels mentioned above can be found in the Purchasing section.

Carbon-neutral product

Chocolats Halba’s production process is climate-neutral. However, greenhouse gas emissions arise not only when chocolate is actually being manufactured, but also when raw materials are being produced and delivered, and when products are consumed. Chocolats Halba makes it possible for its customers to add the “Carbon Neutral Product” label to their products. This label is awarded by PurProjet – an organization that carries out reforestation projects on cocoa plantations.

Unit sales of products labeled as CO2-neutral in 2016


The basis for labelling a product as climate-neutral is the calculation of its carbon footprint. For this purpose, Chocolats Halba works in partnership with the myclimate Foundation. Based on the key figures from our sustainability monitoring and external data – such as the carbon footprints of cocoa farming or milk production – we jointly calculate the carbon footprint of a bar of chocolate. Each quarter, using the CO2 emissions calculated in this way and the number of chocolate bars sold, we calculate the quantity of CO2 emissions that the customer in question needs to offset. The CO2 emissions of these products are offset in a PurProjet reforestation project in Peru that is certified in line with the internationally recognized Verified Carbon Standard. In return, the customer is permitted to label the relevant product as a “Carbon Neutral Product”.

Kosher and Halal

As well as certification in accordance with sustainability standards, Chocolats Halba also gives its customers the option of certifying products in line with religious standards. These certifications arise from increasing industrialization in the food sector. The growing range of processed or pre- processed food is making it increasingly difficult for consumers to keep track of all the ingredients and gain an insight into the processing stages that products undergo. People who adhere to religious guidelines in their eating habits are able to use certification to see that a product, its contents and its method of manufacture meet the relevant requirements.

Muslims use the term “halal” to denote anything that is not absolutely forbidden according to the word of God or the Prophet Mohammed. Labelling tells them that they can buy the product with no qualms. Chocolats Halba uses the halal labels issued by Halal Certification Services in Switzerland and Majelis Ulama Indonesia.

In the Jewish faith there are also traditional rules regarding the preparation and consumption of food. Food and drinks that are permitted for consumption are called “kosher” in Yiddish. Chocolats Halba uses two kosher labels of different degrees of stringency – Badatz and OU Kosher.