What sets us apart

Reliably and with loving attention to detail – the way we work is exactly what you would expect from a quality Swiss manufacturer. Added to this are the innovation and creativity we apply when developing tailor-made products for our customers. Last but not least, our commitment to environmental and social improvement ensures an all-round sustainable taste experience.

“Swissness”, sustainability and innovation. For us, these are not trendy catchphrases, but the deeply enshrined pillars of our corporate culture.


Swissness is part of our identity. We have always manufactured exclusively in Switzerland, and also obtain raw materials from domestic suppliers whenever possible. Values such as precision, fairness and reliability are what characterize Swissness and set Chocolats Halba apart as a partner for its suppliers, staff and customers.

In global marketing, Swissness is and will remain a strong selling point – particularly for a traditional product like chocolate. Quality comes at a price. But particularly in growth markets, many people are prepared to dig a little deeper into their pockets for high-quality Swiss products.


Since 2008, Chocolats Halba has focused on corporate sustainability in the chocolate industry. A lot has happened since then: if possible, we purchase cocoa beans directly from cooperatives – 94 percent of which are Fairtrade-certified. Since 2011, our production has been climate-neutral. We can offer to label the products we supply to our customers as CO2-neutral and provide them with individual communication materials on aspects of sustainability. Sustainability has become a key differentiation feature. Many of our customers – particularly in the field of contract manufacturing – choose us as their partner on the grounds of these strengths.

Fairtrade-certified cocoa beans purchased 2016

94 %


We can find individual product solutions for any customer in any market, from chocolate bars manufactured from single-origin cocoa to those with a particular consistency or flavor. Whether it’s pralines with surprising fillings or reinvented classics such as chocolate sticks, the specialists in our innovation and development team are experts in their field and possess the training, experience and creativity to fulfil all our customers’ desires. They are also familiar with the requirements of different markets and certifications, and with the associated challenges. We also use structured development and testing methods.