In tune with the market

Customer satisfaction is the measure of success for Chocolats Halba. Over recent years, satisfaction levels have remained very high. One crucial factor for this success is the continual high quality of our products. But the comprehensive services that we offer also contribute to this positive feedback.

Given the strength of the Swiss franc, it requires an extraordinary customer focus to hold one’s own and even grow in a competitive export market. We have succeeded in doing so by delivering on our promise of Swiss quality day in, day out, and maintaining a constant dialogue with our contacts.

Percentage of customers who are satisfied with Chocolats Halba

90 %

We witness our customers’ satisfaction not just in face-to-face interviews – we also record it systematically each year in surveys. Over the last few years, satisfaction has been consistent at almost 90 percent. The basis for this excellent result is the constant high quality of our products. Equally important are the strong services that we offer our customers: innovation, sustainability and customer service.

As with our suppliers, we also want to establish long-term stable relationships with our customers. Alongside support with communication materials, we also offer them the chance to accompany us on trips to cocoa-growing countries to meet our suppliers, for instance. These visits enable them to personally get to know the raw materials and the people who produce them for us.

“For us, the trip to Ecuador was an amazing opportunity to meet the cocoa farmers and see how much passion they put into their work. It was so inspirational to get to know the producers and see their commitment to sustainable cocoa farming on the ground. This experience will stay with us forever.”

Julieanne Ferguson, Inside Sales Coordinator, Alter Eco