Imparting an instinctive feel

Technical expertise does not just happen. Chocolats Halba therefore supports employees in their professional development and seeks to promote as many of its own employees as possible to management positions.

Broad range of training

Due to the considerable expertise required to manufacture chocolate, employee development and training is one of Chocolats Halba’s key interests. Employees are also entitled to an annual appraisal, at which personal or technical development is an important issue.

We will only succeed if we have experienced and capable staff working at every level. Chocolats Halba therefore supports its employees with internal and external training courses that are beneficial in fulfilling their roles. The Coop Cooperative also offers a program of 350 different development and training opportunities for various career levels and specialist subjects.

To guarantee our quality standards, an internal sensory panel composed of staff from different departments meets several times a week to taste various semi-finished and end products. Employees from the purchasing and sustainability departments also travel regularly to the countries where raw materials are produced to maintain direct contact with our suppliers.

3,075 hours of training and development

In 2016, Chocolats Halba employees spent a total of 3,075 hours on training and development. This is an average of 1.5 working days per person. Unfortunately the training figures vary substantially from year to year because the method used to record them is unreliable. The figures can therefore only be interpreted to a limited extent. In future, we intend to keep a closer eye on the correct recording of training and development statistics.

Chocolats Halba supports employees equally in line with the Federal Act on Gender Equality. Training statistics show that, in 2016, women attended significantly fewer training and development courses than men (women: 0.4 days per year, men: 2.0 days per year). This fact is explained by the high percentage of women (88 percent) who are production employees and do not have an additional role. At this level, there are few development opportunities. Employees with line or team responsibilities make use of training courses more frequently. The proportion of women in such positions is 20 percent.

Internal succession

In line with our commitment to development and training, our philosophy is to give preference to internal candidates when filling management roles. According to its sustainability strategy, Chocolats Halba aims to fill three quarters of management vacancies from within its own ranks. The relocation has meant it was only possible to fill around half of such vacancies internally during the previous year. However, a particularly large number of women were promoted.

“Very soon after I completed my studies, Chocolats Halba gave me the opportunity to develop rapidly. I am now supervising the commissioning of the production facilities at the new plant in Pratteln – a fascinating challenge. Experienced staff are working together with external companies here and motivating new employees to jointly identify new solutions and achieve milestones. The first roasted beans and the first chocolate mass from the new plant – those were fabulous moments.”

Saskia Imbach, Technologist, Chocolats Halba