Jobs for all abilities

Chocolats Halba has grown slightly over the last few years. Today, 139 men and 119 women from 23 nations work for us. As an industrial company, Chocolats Halba also offers secure employment for people who have not successfully completed their education or vocational training, thereby making an important contribution to the national economy.

Chocolats Halba had a total of 258 employees – 46 percent women – at the end of 2016, with most as monthly-paid staff on permanent contracts. 217 employees and 37 management employees were paid monthly and on permanent contracts, with only four temporary employees on an hourly wage.

Women in management 2016

35 %

46 percent of the workforce are women. The proportion of women in management is 35 percent – the highest figure yet. Compared to the average figure for wholesale and manufacturing companies in the Coop Group, the percentage of women in lower and middle management is slightly higher at Halba. No women are represented in top management, i.e. divisional management.

Until recently, Chocolats Halba has been filling four trainee positions each year. Given the current relocation of manufacturing operations, no more apprentices are being appointed at the old site. The aim is to start training apprentices again in 2019. Recruitment for food technologist and food practitioner apprenticeships will start in summer 2018. Four new trainees will then once again be appointed annually.