Equal rights for all

Chocolats Halba treats all people and all employees equally. Irrespective of age, nationality, gender and sexual orientation, they have the same rights, obligations and opportunities within the company.

Equal opportunity is a principle that is enshrined in the Coop collective employment agreement: “The personal integrity of employees must be protected. Any violation of dignity through behavior, acts, speech or images must be combated and remedied. Discrimination on the basis of gender, sexual orientation, nationality or religious affiliation, or age is not permitted.”

According to the collective employment agreement, the company and its employees should act together through open communication in the workplace to create a climate of personal respect and trust which can prevent abuse, attacks, sexual harassment and bullying. The integration of foreign employees should be supported, and a climate hostile to foreigners should be prevented.

To establish whether equal treatment is ensured in terms of remuneration, Chocolats Halba carried out an in-depth analysis of employee salaries in 2014. There were no significant pay differences between people with the same qualifications and positions – either with regard to gender or nationality.