Playing it safe

There are no particular hazards involved in chocolate manufacturing. Workstations at Chocolats Halba are arranged ergonomically and safely. The company also helps its employees to stay physically healthy and supports them in theevent of any exceptional professional or personal circumstances.

Chocolats Halba has modern production facilities that are certified in accordance with ISO 9001 (quality) and FSSC/ISO 22000 (food safety). All equipment meets legal and industry safety standards. All workstations, in both offices and in production areas, are ergonomically designed and incorporate the necessary hygiene, safety and emergency precautions.

A professional ergonomist supports staff where necessary in the design of movement patterns at their workstations. Chocolats Halba also enables its employees to have a weekly massage once a week during working hours at particularly favorable rates. This enables them to prevent tension in parts of their bodies that are subject to particular stress. The Coop Group also operates a welfare service in each region, to which our staff can also turn with their personal worries or in times of crisis.

Employees do not face any particular risk of accidents in the chocolate manufacturing process. Moving machine components and hot installations are well secured, and no harmful substances are used. As in many industries and at home, the most frequent cause of accidents is slips and trips.

At 0.7 percent, the occupational accident rate is around the average for all Coop manufacturing companies (0.6 percent). This rate indicates how many working days are lost as a result of accidents for a full-time worker. Similarly, the sickness rate indicates the number of working days on which employees do not attend work due to sickness. For Chocolats Halba, this stands at 3.8 percent, corresponding exactly to the average value for all the Group’s wholesale and manufacturing companies.

At Chocolats Halba, it’s not only the employees that are cared for safely, but also their data. Like the entire Coop Group, the company undertakes to restrict processing of personal data to that which is operationally necessary, to handle data confidentially and to allow employees to inspect documents in their personnel file that affect them, upon request.