A huge step for everyone

Relocating production from the canton of Zurich to Greater Basel presents a major challenge for the company and also its workforce. The move to Pratteln is creating new opportunities – but also means unwanted change for many employees. Chocolats Halba is helping its staff to find solutions that are satisfactory for them.

In 2012, the Coop Group decided to consolidate Chocolats Halba’s manufacturing operations and relocate the company to Pratteln. The move has gradually been taking place since the beginning of 2017. The aim of the program is to optimize manufacturing processes and exploit synergies with other manufacturing companies. At the same time, the move is enabling us to improve our sustainability efforts.

Chocolats Halba announced the move to the canton of Basel-Land at an early stage so that it could optimally assist all employees during this period of change. A specially hired “change manager” has been holding talks with each and every employee since 2015, to identify their needs and find ways of providing individual support for them.

The personnel department kept those employees who were unable or unwilling to relocate to Pratteln informed of job vacancies within the Coop Group and helped them to submit simplified applications. Information events were also held on the subject of early retirement. Older employees who had worked at Chocolats Halba for at least five years were entitled to receive a two-year bridging pension.

Long-standing employees who are following Chocolats Halba to north-west Switzerland are receiving a contribution towards their removal costs or, if they are commuting to Pratteln, a contribution towards travel costs for a maximum of two years.

“With the new building in Pratteln, Coop is committing itself to Switzerland as a production location. The development of technical and human skills is key if we are to hold our own against international competition. I’m relishing the prospect.”

Anton von Weissenfluh, Head of Chocolats Halba